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Summary: PortlandConcertPhotography.com was born of a love for music & photography, a canon 5d, a night of shooting Blind Pilot @ Mississippi Studios and a few hours over a three day span. Simplicity is a rule for me and this site lets the user focus almost entirely on the work and nothing else.

Using all the social medianess I can muster (including twitter, facebook pages, facebook ads, blip.fm, ning and the oldest form of social media, rubbin’ shoulders with people) this new venture has proved not only a viable creative outlet for me, but a fun exercise in practicing what
I preach as a righteous route for clients.

About the site:
pPhotography, for me, is about capturing a significant moment. one that speaks volumes about what it was like to be present at that particular instant.

A live performance (be it musical or otherwise) is filled with these moments. Split seconds that build on each other to construct the arc of the whole event.

It doesn’t seem possible that one element or person would be able to tell that story completely. you’ll see a lot of pictures from me that don’t concentrate on the performer’s faces, but instead their shoes, hands, instruments, pedals, and lists… all parts of the whole

I just love doing this and what’s better than doing what you love?

After a steady push on the variety of social networks listed above, about a month and a half of effort has translated into being in talks to shoot for an online music mag and possibilities ranging from an exhibit to a residency at a local music hall.

roles: concept, design, photography, production, social media, strategy

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