Summary: NORTH unveiled a television spot for client Portland General Electric with a curious proposition: use less of our product.

Yes, desperate times call for desperate measures. And NORTH + PGE are responding to the current energy crisis with a high-road message: conserve.

This elegiac spot grows from the often overlooked observation that, in our prudent quest for wind, solar, tidal and other alternative energies, we sometimes forget that the most critical step of all is simply cutting back.

Add to this unexpected proposition an equally right-brain execution.

Working in partnership with photographer Chris Hornbecker and Grow Film, NORTH developed a unique stop motion technique using digital still photography as the content source. 250 still shots were woven together to create a seamless, yet slightly impressionistic story.

To further the idea of conserving energy, NORTH directed, edited and scored the spot.

roles: technical producer, video editing, motion graphics, color correction, video compression

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