I enjoy what I do.

what is it i do? well that’s damn good question. let’s start at the beginning…

i’ve had a camera in my hand, or been in front of one, as long as i can remember. edumacated in film and television and drawn into digital arts in 1998 (helllooooo director!), i’ve passed through being a: video editor, compressionist, web junky, corporate media marketing guy, motion artist, dvd author, banner builder, interactive designer, creative director, project planner, photographer, advertising inter-departmental liaison, installation installer, producer, interactive producer, technical producer, media planner, strategizer, social media maven and think-tanker…

i’m sure i’m missing one or two, but you get the idea.

i believe concept / design / production / strategy should all be considered “creative.”
in order for a project to be successful, they all need to be exactly that… creative. allowing all to have a voice at the very onset of any project leads to a more intelligent, more beautiful, well-informed and well-executed end product.

and isn’t that what we all want?

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