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I’ve been thinking of ideas for iPhone apps since I can’t remember when, but the time to put into them and the development partner were never there.

Until this past week.

I was talking to my buddy Kyle, Head Geek @ BigSprocket and founder of LetsTalkiPhone.com, and mentioned that someone should make an iPhone app that lets you interrupt or talk trash your friends and coworkers in the *ahem* style of Kanye West on the VMAs. Well wouldn’t ya know it, Kyle thought it was a funny idea and we started tossing thoughts back and forth. 48 hours later, our first collaboration was submitted to the app store.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with very good creative developers in my time and Kyle definitely fits that description. Not only were we able to both concentrate on our own tasks and push stuff back and forth to each other at a fever pitch, but we could openly let the other know when something needed to be addressed and know that it would get done quickly and with quality. Gotta love it that feeling…

Kyle’s product page is here and once the (frustratingly slow) app approval process is complete you can find it over here.

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