summary: Feel like your friend has been neglecting his colon?

Does your brother look more like The Michelin Man than Superman?

If you answered yes to either of those questions then you’d probably be a perfect candidate to send a Regence Health eCard.

As part of the Join the Conversation 2.0 campaign, NORTH recently launched and to help members of the Regence community (and those outside that group) to send humor-filled encouragement — or taunts, as the case may be — to friends and family by sending them a personalized video-based eCard.

In an epic undertaking, NORTH was to able to overcome the technological barriers associated with the stringent information security guidelines of the health care industry and deliver high-quality, customized video to a wide array of end users. All while giving the Regence brand some quality time with the public and encouraging people to smile (it is good for your health you know…).

roles: producer, IA, technical producer, video editing, compression