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interaction jackson (cole)

ok so most of my time lately has been take up by working on the various areas of NORTH’s newest campaign for downtown portland.

the tv spots (which i have to say are pretty badass, you’ll see them soon), the website, and the most fun part for me, the 13′ x 7.5′ rear-projected interactive art installation we’re doing in an open retail space down town.

using some motion detection software developed by teso, we’ve gotten three local artist to provide their interpretation of snow in the city of portland (a rare thing for those not in the know) and passers-by will be able to stand in front of the store windows and push the snow away as it falls from top of the window to the bottom.

it’s not the most enthralling interactive experience, but it should be fun for young kids and older folks alike and just getting to be the first ones to do this kind of project in a pretty major city and in a public space is a pretty incredible feeling.

stay tuned for updates.

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